Frederico Martinho

HMB band, Pimenta Caseira

The First Time I saw a Daro guitar I knew I had to have one. I didn’t know they were custom made and built in my beautiful country Portugal. 1 and half year after this moment I received my Daro Fresh Fred signature guitar, I’ve been touring with her intensely and been receive praise from everyone , sound techs love it , guitar techs love it, fans love it, online guitar community loves it , but most importantly I love it. It is built of the main Daro Design but thicker , semihollow with a beautiful archtop, amazing finish . Plays like butter from heavy gain to clean sounds, got the Tone Mate humbuckers with split cool action , and floating bridge strat like system. I haven used any other guitar live since I got It. I truly believe this brand and its owner Daniel “Daro” Rodrigues are going to go worldwide . LIFE CHANGER.

Jeroen Verbreyt


I absolutely love my Daro guitar, everything about it is just magical. They neck feels amazing, super smooth and great accessibility at the high frets. The frets themselves are a great example of the detail that he puts into his work with the semi-hemispherical ends on the edges. The body itself looks gorgeous and the pick-ups sound superb.

This is by far the best guitar I ever played in every way and I would recommend it to any serious guitar player looking to up their game.

Regis Damasceno


Minha Daro é a branca, modelo original, incrivelmente afinada e balanceada. Excelente som dos P90. Entonação perfeita, ótima ação da alavanca. Percebe-se que o Daniel dedicou-se a esta guitarra com muito afinco. Recomendo pros guitarristas mais exigentes.

Eurico Nascimento


My Daro is much more than the guitar I imagined, not only aesthetically but most importantly in terms of sound and comfort, the result over passing from far the expected.
Daniel had the patience to project and define with me until the finest details, from first ideas and sketches until the delivery time when I almost had to take the guitar from his arms by force .
I kept receiving photos and comments and some of the details were debated and decided during the production.
We started with my musical tastes, then we chose the timber, shape and dimensions of the neck, details, colors and materials, mechanisms and pickup combinations and we ended up with the unique artistic touch which defines and makes unique Daro guitars.
Dedication and meticulous work is evident every time we take the guitar in our hands.
I get lost in time each time I play.
The only thing that makes me sad, is not having more availability to get lost in time playing this fabulous instrument.
Thank you, 100% recommended

Cândido Jacob


A elegância das linhas e do formato, o conforto e o som quente e rico, são algumas das qualidades que colocam as guitarras Daro num nível elevado de exigência!

Duarte Papel


Guitarras de excelência, com uma estética única e inovadora!
Ideal para quem procura um instrumento com Hardware de topo e acabamentos imaculados.
O som é super definido, os harmónicos têm muita clareza e intonação perfeita.
O desenho permite acesso fácil aos últimos trastes, aumentando a “playability”.
Recomendo a 100%.