My Story


Guitar and music were my first genuine interests, the only ones that stuck throughout my life. I lived my teen years and early twenties ignoring it by keeping it as an hobby.


Not really knowing what I wanted to do for a living I enrolled in a mechanical engineer course that I left unfinished after two years. I ended up with a degree in multimedia design and became a web designer. It quickly started to feel like a boring way of living.


It was around this time that I became aware people were building guitars for a living, and that there was all this information about Luthiery available out there. It felt like a spark and from that day I could not stop.


I started drawing and learning about the ways to build this guitar that I would never be able to buy. With a little help from my father genes (and tools) I was able to finish my first guitar. It was special. But thankfully I was not really happy with it.


Years passed and I kept on learning by trial and error, by acquiring information from everywhere, by visiting and getting to know as much luthiers as I could. I was obsessed. Soon I realized that I was building a guitar that caught a lot of peoples attention. I was coding by day, building guitars by night.


One day I decided to quit my web design gig and joined the knowledgeable Guitar Rehab Team in Lisbon. I learn everyday working as a repair man, building guitars and by being around all these people that breathe guitars.

While working as guitar repairman, so many guitars go through my hands, I hear so many people explaining why they like their guitar so much. It helps a lot when it gets to understanding how a guitar should feel. Besides this, I take quality seriuosly. I want every Daro to be a reliable instrument. I’m always looking for the best materials and techniques.